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Socrates Espresso

This is a blend of 3 different coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya. We use the Socrates Espresso for all the espresso-based drinks at our boutique specialty coffee shop. If you love coffees that are balanced with chocolatey notes then Socrates Espresso is for you.


This is our single origin omni roast from Costa Rica. If you are fan of single origin coffees this ethically sourced coffee is for you. In our specialty cafe we use the Aristotle for our drip coffees but it will play well basically on any brew method.


Our Epicurus coffee is from the Kirinyaga region in Kenya. This coffee is sweet and mildly fruity. We use this coffee for one of our pour over options at our boutique café but it can also taste good on Drip, French press or any other brew method except espresso machine.


Plato is our coffee option from Panama. This coffee is grown in the rainforest preserve belonging to Central America’s ecological corridor. Coffees produced on the farm benefit from this special location within the cloud forest. We use the Plato as a pour over/V60 option at our café.

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